Resolutions Update: Coke, Reading & Mental Exercise

For those of you who haven’t read, this year I decided to make a list of monthly resolutions instead of one long New Year’s Resolution. Each monthly challenge aimed at a different area of personal health: physical, spiritual, mental or emotional.

I’m updating you all as I go, beginning with my first month when I was pescetarian, to April when I tried more exercise. I’m updating via my blog for accountability and to simply share how it’s worked for me and get any ideas from the rest of you! 

I haven’t updated in a while, so we have some catching up to do!

May through July Reflections

From May through July, the challenges were to have more meaningful prayer times in May, practice meditation and yoga more often in June, and have more intensive Bible study time in July.

To be quite honest, I don’t remember how I did on these. It’s been too long since I sat down to write these updates.

Since I don’t remember, it must mean I didn’t do very well. I still have a desire to do yoga and meditation more (I even wrote a blog about yoga! Just didn’t actually do it… oops!). But as far as yoga is concerned, I simply don’t know enough about yoga poses or routines to do it on my own without setting aside time to learn them first.

I do remember that I was forgetting what the resolutions were for each month and forgetting to go to my initial blog to find out, so I was delayed in even starting them.

I decided I needed more evident reminders, so I utilized my favorites: sticky notes! I wrote down what the challenge was for each month on a sticky note and stuck them to my mirror (of course). I’ve been remembering to do my resolutions much better since then!

StickiesAugust: No Coke

… or pop… or soda…. I call it coke (yes, I refer to all flavors as coke).

I did great! I don’t think I had any coke at all – even eating out!

Only caveat, I allowed coke slushies from Speedway. For some reason, I decided those didn’t count. I’m still not sure if there’s truly a difference in ingredients. I should probably find out.

I drank more water, tea and lemonade. I didn’t notice any huge changes in how I felt overall, but I know I feel sick to my stomach most of the time when I do drink coke.

This is how much I love coke - these are hanging on my dining room / kitchen wall.  Okay, so I mainly just like the vintage.

This is how much I love coke – these are hanging on my dining room / kitchen wall.
Okay, so I mainly just like the vintage.

Moving forward, I’m planning on only drinking one coke a week, which I’m doing really well on so far (with the exception of last week). I was sticking to this once-a-week rule before August, too, and it’s really working for me. I can get a little coke fix without over indulging.

But I still don’t count coke slushies… maybe I should?

September: Daily Luminosity Workouts and Reading

September was a mental health challenge. The goal was to play Luminosity games and read every day.

LuminosityI started Luminosity, then noticed it suggested 2-3 times weekly rather than daily (I had assumed weekly was ideal). I definitely hit 2-3 times weekly! Whoop! By the end of the month, I started noticing that I had pretty good – even high – scores, even when I was distracted while playing.

As far as reading goes, I really tried to make it mean book reading, or at least reading other than my daily devotions. I probably read an average of every other day if we look at it how I meant it. If we include Bible reading, I read daily. I definitely was reading more than usual and hope to keep it up! I’m definitely remembering to read more often – before I wouldn’t even think of it!

I’d like to keep doing the Luminosity workouts regularly, but I haven’t been so far this month. Maybe I just needed a break as opposed to losing the habit, but I doubt it. I have noticed my reading and desire to read was increased since September though. I still have a goal to do some sort of reading daily outside of my Bible reading. I just have to make sure I stay disciplined with it and set aside the time for it.

Anyone have tips on how to keep these disciplines as a regular practice?
Where are you standing in the progress of your New Year’s Resolution(s)?

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