Twitterpated (Part 3): Hypocritical Confusion

“I tweeted it too, so I’m not a hypocrite!” I heard a sports analyst say this while my husband was watching EPSN this morning. To be honest, I have no clue what he was talking about, but he inspired this blog post! This statement made me realize how much this thought process has been accepted … Continue reading Twitterpated (Part 3): Hypocritical Confusion

Twitterpated (Part 2): The Sneaky Ego

In my blog last week, Twitterpated (Part 1):Choosing Joy, I talked about how I was off twitter for a few weeks and started to think about different ways people use twitter. The first, as talked about in Twitterpated (Part 1), was about those negative tweeters who spoil your newsfeed browsing. Please check out that blog if … Continue reading Twitterpated (Part 2): The Sneaky Ego