The trip to who I am.

Whether I'm speaking about women or not, I want my message to speak to men and women alike. Because God created us all, unique and alike, to represent his love and truth and compassion to this world. 

Woman’s Role in Leadership Ministry

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on where I stand in my journey to better understand the role of women in ministry. Since my earlier posts, I haven’t felt like I’ve gone back and forth as muchin my struggle to understand. It’s almost as if the distance between the “back” and “forth” … Continue reading Woman’s Role in Leadership Ministry

How to Be a Strong-Willed & Submissive Wife

I wasn’t raised around very many self-declared feminists. I didn’t even see very many “egalitarian” marriages modeled. I knew strong-willed women, but they never appeared to be the dominant one in their relationship. When I went to college, I declared myself an anti-feminist, then met a man who served in a church denomination that was … Continue reading How to Be a Strong-Willed & Submissive Wife