Our View of Women

I recently saw an interesting post going around the internet. It’s about a new collection of stock photos purposing to change the way our society views women by creating photographs that feature “female leadership in contemporary work and life.”

I had mixed thoughts and emotions while browsing through these photos. There were many points made which I enjoyed, and others which I was hesitant about.

Regardless of all this, it’s definitely safe to say that it’s driven by a feminist agenda – the word feminist here purely being used as a descriptor, not necessarily a negative or positive one. As I said, I believe some of the points were good. The project was, in some respect, in partnership with Sheryl Sandberg – a known feminist and prominent business woman. The leader of the project, Pam Grossman, stated that she hoped this “passion project”, displaying strong women, would change the world and the way the media represents women.

Some of these suggested changes I appreciate – for instance: I want people to recognize women can be intelligent and capable. Others of these I’m not necessarily thrilled about being associated with femininity.

I’m going to include a few pictures from the article with my initial thoughts upon seeing them. Some of the thoughts you’ll see opposing thoughts to later, so please try and take them as objectively as possible.

Feminine; Pretty; Artistic; Creative.

Domestic; Nurturing; Motherly

Athletic and Feminine

Lack of femininity; Independent

Intellectual; Capable; Curious


Familial; Male Involvement

So what are you thoughts? Do you agree, disagree with my thoughts? With what’s being implied needs to change regarding our current perceptions of women?

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