Child Technology, Leaders with Numbers, & Respect-Earning Husbands

10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should be Banned – An incredibly intriguing read on the various ways technology can effect child development in negative ways due to a lack of parental involvement. As I read, I’m storing tidbits away for my future. Those of you already parenting, what are your thoughts and parenting strategies when it comes to the increasingly young age of technology use?

How to Tell If You’re an Organizational or Relational Leader (and Why It Matters) – I so appreciate how this article comes at both angles, critiques the flaw of judgmental perspectives towards each, and shows the extreme value of different leadership styles.

Your Husband Doesn’t Have to Earn Your Respect – A unique perspective on how respect should work in a marriage and the vicious cycle that occurs when it’s wrong. So tell me, do you think this is chauvinistic or accurate?

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