January Whole30: One Week Left

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I was proud of my super healthy cart for the last day of our Whole30!

We’re rounding out towards the end of January which means the first month of the year is almost over already and my Whole30 is getting close!

The past couple days I’ve been wanting sweet stuff a little more than I have the entire time I’ve been on this. I blame it mostly on being off work on Thursday so I was just home with nothing but TV and house chores to do.

I may have gone through an entire tray of juice cubes.

But other than that, I’m feeling really good, keeping my mind over matter game strong, and feeling optimistic about our reintroduction plan.

Why we have a Reintroduction Plan

If I haven’t mentioned that already, a huge part of Whole30 is how you exit the plan.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 6.47.12 PMLike I have said, this is not a diet. It’s a full body reboot to detox you from sugar addiction and any other food you may be desensitized to that could be causing harmful side effects for you.

Once you’ve tamed that “sugar dragon,” as they call it, and effectively detoxed from any other potentially harmful foods (gluten, other grains, legumes, dairy), you don’t want to just dive back in and binge on Day 31. Then, what would be the point in how disciplined you’ve been the past 30 days?

You want to gradually reintroduce one eliminated food group at a time and pay attention to how it effects you.

Whole30 recommends a 12 day process afterwards, but we frankly need to be done by the Super Bowl. And that’s all there is to it 🙂 So we’re squeezing it into 7 days.

Our Reintroduction Plan:

Day 1 off the Whole30: Reintroduce dairy items such as yogurt and cheese, keep the rest of your Whole30 eating the same.

Day 2: Go back to complete Whole30 eating and pay close attention to how you’ve felt over the past 2 days. We both feel dairy could be a problem area for us, so that’s why we’re doing it first.

Day 3: Reintroduce gluten-containing grains with the rest of your diet still on Whole30. Eat a muffin or some whole wheat pasta.

Day 4: Return to a complete Whole30 diet and evaluate and decide how or if gluten will be part of our regular diet from here on out.

Day 5: Reintroduce non-gluten grains such as steel cut oats and quinoa while the rest of your diet the same.

Day 6: Evaluate and decide how non-gluten grains will be in your diet while returning to Whole30 for a day.

Day 7: Reintroduce legumes by having a side of black beans and a little peanut butter on some fruit. Pay close attention throughout this day because tomorrow is the Super Bowl!

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 6.47.58 PMWe plan to not worry about what we eat as long as we’re not full-on binging during Super Bowl Sunday. But we do still want to establish a new eating plan for us to carry out when we’re home and shoot for when we eat out.

If you follow a reintroduction plan after your Whole30, it means Whole30 truly isn’t just a diet or a one-time cleanse for you. It helps you find the perfect diet for you and enables you to continue making the healthier food choices you’ve made over the past 30 days!

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