Why My Husband is Better than Yours

Whether it’s about getting the most professional and artsy wedding photos, the most current home decor, being able to post the best “#wifeskills” meal photos on Instagram, or planning the best all-out birthday parties for our children, the Pinterest-inspired comparisons run rampant in a woman’s culture today.

Writing on a Whim: My Therapy

Wow. Lately my life has been a whirlwind! I hate when I neglect my writing and this blog because I almost feel I’m abandoning myself when I do so. But sometimes “life happens,” and you have to roll with it as best you can! So now I’m sitting here today, after finally decluttering the piles … Continue reading Writing on a Whim: My Therapy

How to Be a Strong-Willed & Submissive Wife

I wasn’t raised around very many self-declared feminists. I didn’t even see very many “egalitarian” marriages modeled. I knew strong-willed women, but they never appeared to be the dominant one in their relationship. When I went to college, I declared myself an anti-feminist, then met a man who served in a church denomination that was … Continue reading How to Be a Strong-Willed & Submissive Wife