My 11 Favorite Whole30 Recipes

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Whole30, it’s a paleo/clean eating eating plan to detox your body from sugar and other food groups that may possibly cause digestive problems or other health side effects.

I completed my first Whole30 in January this year and Kyle and I have eaten Whole30 or paleo on and off before and after that. In January, I blogged about how that round was going every week. I had several of you ask me for tips and favorite recipes.

So here’s my collection of our favorites! About half of them are super easy to make, and they other half aren’t complicated, but are just too yummy not to include!

**As always, check your labels on everything! Some of these are “paleo” instead of Whole30 and may call for ingredients with added sugar that you can find non-sugar substitutes for.

Try them and let me know how you like them!

1. Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

This is a favorite and a super easy one of mine. Preheat oven to 375. Grease a baking sheet (I use olive oil spray). Choose your favorite bone-in chicken – we prefer legs or thighs – and place on cooking sheet. Chop potatoes and any other kind of veggies you want, I usually do carrots, onions and garlic. Drizzle everything in pan with olive oil, and sprinkle with your favorite spices! I mix it up sometimes, but I usually like seasoning salt, pepper, rosemary, and cumin. Bake 45 minutes to an hour depending on your oven.

2. Sloppy Joe

Serve over baked sweet or white potatoes. We have only tried it with white. PaleoNewbie-Sweet-Potato-Sloppy-Joes-2-1266x850.jpg

3. Sweet Potato Sliders

Eat with a fork, I wouldn’t expect to be able to eat it like a finger food because of the potato. But the sweet potato goes so great with the burger. Add any and all burger toppings you see fit! Especially good with mustard, lettuce and onion.

sweet potatoe rounds

4. Tuna Salad Boats

I use this recipe and stuff it in half a green pepper to make an easy, cold packed lunch to eat on the go when I have a work day filled with back-to-back appointments. I’m not usually a fan of raw green peppers, but I loved this! Kyle thinks there’s too much tuna for the pepper, so he prefers it served in a lettuce wrap. If you’re hesitant of avocados, don’t be. The texture comes through as a creamy mayo substitute, but it doesn’t taste like straight avocado with the other mix of ingredients. I don’t do avocado by itself, but I love it in this.

Healthy-Avocado-Tuna-Salad5. Sheet Pan Frittata

These are obviously muffins, but you can do the same in a large sheet pan and it’s so much easier to make and clean up. Just grease the sheet pan. I also used a full dozen eggs to fill the pan and substitute the meat for other meats at time. I’ve made it with homemade turkey sausage and sliced ham.


via Gal on a Mission

6. My Breakfast Hash

This is something I made up based off of pictures of yummy potato hashes I’ve seen for Whole30 meals 🙂 Dice sweet and white potatoes, mince garlic, chop onions and green peppers. Toss into a skillet with bacon grease and season with seasoning salt and pepper. I like to start with the potatoes just to save time since they take longest to cook. Begin frying bacon in another skillet or griddle. Once crispy, chop and add to potato skillet. Fry eggs so the yolk is dippy. Serve hash in bowl with an egg on top. Enjoy!

7. Unstuffed Cabbage

This was surprisingly good. I had never thought much of cabbage, but the mix of flavor and ingredients in this was delightful, warm and a tinge sweet. Definitely a good fall and winter recipe and very filling. And a full head of cabbage makes so much for so little cost, you can’t beat it!

wm unstuffed cabbage rolls stew soup smt _5258

via With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart

8. Tomato Basil & Beef Soup

This is an absolute favorite, but not as easy to cook, so I don’t make it as often as I’d love to eat it. But it’s so, so good. If you like tomato soup but want to step it up a notch in flavor and meatiness, try this one for sure!


via Once a Month Meals

9. Taco Skillet

This is one Kyle makes when we’re on Whole30. Simple and all in one pan. Eat in a bowl, as a salad, or in lettuce wraps – we’ve done all three!


via Sweet C Designs

10. Slow-cooker Chicken Fajitas

Skip the cheese and tortillas in this one and watch your ingredients in your taco seasoning. This recipe is so moist and flavorful, packed with veggies. I like this one more than Kyle because he’s not a huge fan of cooked peppers, but this can also be served alone, in a lettuce wrap, or on a salad.


via Center Cut Cook

11. Crockpot Ghee

Last but not least, you can’t forget ghee on your Whole30! Great butter substitute with a slight nutty flavor, and works as a healthy cooking oil as well. We haven’t tried it in our coffee yet, but we’re looking forward to it with our next batch! There are several ways to make it, but this is the one I’ve tried and is too easy for me to want to try another route.


via Primally Inspired

What are some of your favorite clean eating recipes?

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