11 Ways to Celebrate Your Pastor’s Family

As promised, here is a list of all the great ideas I got from people Monday when we launched this week of the #LoveYourPastors Challenge themed for family!

On Monday, as I introduced the week’s theme on Periscope, I briefly explained the importance of celebrating the family of your pastors and spiritual leaders – especially those who earn their living via vocational ministry. There is a unique weight of responsibility and expectation that is or can be very deeply intertwined through the pastor’s family dynamics.

So I asked others to chip in with fun, creative and helpful ideas on how we can all celebrate and appreciate our pastor’s spouse and children! Pastors, laymen, and pastor’s family members all chimed in and here is the list YOU came up with!

11 Ways to Celebrate Your Pastor’s Family:

  1. Watch their children!
    • “When I was in high school, I’d baby sit for the pastors so that they could have date nights.”
    • “Call up your pastors wife and say, ‘what day this week can I babysit for you?!'”
    • “One or two ladies who watched our kids so we could minister in services.”
    • “For those with small kids, take the kids for a day to ChuckECheese so the young parents can have some time to themselves.”
  2. Give them a get-away! 
    • “We had a vacation home growing up. My parents always insisted that our pastor and his wife use it whenever they wanted. They did and they enjoyed it.” 
    • “Give a bed & breakfast get away.”
  3. Treat them to a special night out!
    • “Create an opportunity for them to have a night out.”
    • “Gift cards to a restaurant -pastor & spouse date night.”
  4. Just pick up the phone!
    • “Sometimes a spontaneous phone call is the best. I’d love that. Greatest gift ever!”
  5. A fun trip for everyone!
    • “Season passes or tickets to the Children’s museum or the zoo.”
  6. An extra day off.
    • “…with someone doing the duties of visitation, calls, etc.”
  7. Spa Day!
    • “Mani/pedi/spa/massage for the Pastor’s wife.”
  8. Celebrate with them!
    • “Put their birthdays and anniversaries on your calendar,” and do more than a Facebook wall post!
  9. Surprise them!
    • “Drop off something that will bless their family.”
  10. Give your time.
    • “Spend time with their spouse or family” – build genuine friendship
  11. Take them out.
    • “Focus on how you can bless them, not how they can solve your problems.”
>> By far, the two most common ideas were babysitting and gift cards! <<

Each daily challenge this week reflects on this list as a springboard for loving your pastors and their families this week! You can check me out on Periscope (Anna1Sadler) and day to see what the unique challenge is for the day!

Jump In This Week!

Here is a run-down of the daily challenges so far this week if you want to jump in:

  • Monday – Make a list of ways you can celebrate and appreciate your pastor’s spouse and/or children
  • Tuesday – Look up the person who led you to the Lord, inviting you into this family of Christ-followers. Thank them for their impact and give them a mini life update!
  • Wednesday – Pray for your pastor’s family members, family life, and financial provision
  • Thursday (today!) – Share encouragement with one of  your church’s next generation leaders (family pastor, youth pastor, children’s pastor, etc.). At a minimum, text, call or message them to say you’re thankful for what they’re doing and ask if there’s anyway you can specifically pray for them! I talk more in-depth about the value of next generation pastors on today’s Periscope which is available through tomorrow around 8am!

You can jump on my broadcast tomorrow morning for the new challenge!

Other Helpful Ideas:

I’m also including these thinks which have more great ideas for loving and showing appreciation for your pastor and his family! Enjoy! And take action!

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20 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

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