I’ve Completed the Whole30!

Today was the last day and I made it!


I’m so excited and proud of myself for making it through these 30 days! And I can’t wait to see how our reintroduction plan goes and what our new healthy-eating lifestyle will look like!

Power in the Why

Like I said in one of my other Whole30 posts already, the reason I did this was to feel more positive. I had reached a place in life around the end of last year where I was generally miserable when thinking about the next day or the future. And if I wasn’t miserable thinking about it, I wasn’t thinking at all because I was simply indifferent.

I wasn’t enjoying life.

And I can’t live like that! I don’t believe in living like that! I believe there is a much better, more hopeful way to live and enjoy life and live it to its fullest!

This drove me to the first time I’ve ever truly felt the phrase “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” And, wow! Is that a powerful feeling!

That was my why. And to get through something this restrictive and disciplined, you have to have a motivating why. 

I’m going to write soon about all the other things that have helped along the way (because you need more to transform such a bad mindset than a diet change), but I cannot deny how much this has helped.

The Results and Victories

non-scaleNo matter how many factors have contributed to my newfound positivity, there are so many ways Whole30 has specifically helped. They’re called non-scale victories. “Non-scale” because this isn’t a weight-loss plan, but a path to a more healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of mine:

  • Because I’m getting a so many more nutrients and protein than before, I feel much more energized in general.
  • Because I don’t have heavy food literally weighing me down, my perspective and mindset no longer feels weighed down and my outlook is more positive.
  • Because the Whole30 forces you to practice discipline, that self-discipline as spilled out into other areas of my life.
  • I have a better understanding of what nutritious food is and how to prepare it and make it delicious.
  • I can make conscious, healthier decisions.
  • I have a broader repertoire of healthy foods to choose from and enjoy when I meal plan.
  • Because I’ve been able to be self-disciplined in something this beneficial but also restrictive, I have so much more confidence in myself to be better and life healthier.
  • I have little to no bloating or stomach pains, so when I do feel uneasy, I can almost immediately discern what it is that’s causing the discomfort.
  • I enjoy cooking and meal planning more (the positive reinforcement by my husband being over the moon about how well we’ve been eating hasn’t hurt).
  • My skin is a million time more clear than before – partly due to the fact that because I’ve let discipline in general spread throughout my life, I’m using my amazing Mary Kay skin care regularly.

The Key

FullSizeRenderI say “Whole30 has helped.” And that’s true. It helped. But it didn’t work the first or second time I tried it. It helped, but the Whole30 plan isn’t what made it work. 

It worked because I decided it was going to work.

I decided I didn’t want to keep living how I was feeling how I was and thinking how I was. I knew I needed more than just a diet plan. But I also knew, if my mindset was right, a new discipline like this with all the accountability I had from doing it in a group could be a springboard towards a healthier, more enjoyable life in general.

Here’s the key to the Whole30 working for you:

  1. Decide you will do it.
  2. Stick to the plan.
  3. Cling to what motivated you to try it when the plan gets hard to stick to… and even when it’s easy.


Thinking about it?

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who feels any internal discomfort at times (whether it seems related to food or not), but also to anyone who generally values their health!


If you’re unsure about whether simply changing your diet can actually have this much influence on your body and health, just read this page on the Whole30 website where people have completely eliminated symptoms of chronic, incurable diseases from doing this program. It’s unbelievable.

1. Understand what it really is.

If you do decide to do a Whole30, know what this really is. It is NOT a weight-loss program, even though weight-loss can be a beneficial side effect. This is a program that jumpstarts healthy eating habits to shape a healthy lifestyle.

Because of this difference, you cannot treat it the same way you would a typical fad diet. You have to separate your mindset from that thinking, and trust this program and process for what it is. You can read the details on exactly why and what it is here.

2. Pick your start date.

Once you understand the difference between the Whole30 and typical diet, decide which block of 30 days you will devote to the program. No cheat days! Again, this is not an indefinite diet, but a 30-day program with a different goal. It is designed to build discipline and completely detox you so you can learn about your body, your health, and your relationship with food.

3. Get prepared.

IMG_0114When you have your 30 days picked out, plan.

There’s nothing worse than when Day 2 rolls around, you’ve got the munchies with your only in-house food options being cereal, oreos, potato chips, and pasta. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

You need to learn what is and isn’t compliant with the Whole30 diet, then browse their website or Pinterest for a while to get a good idea of the types of meals you can prepare. Then, if you’re a big planner like me (of just do this anyways because it helps on a program like Whole30), pick which meals you will have for your first week and make a grocery list based off of that. If you have the right food choices in the house with recipes on hand, you’re more likely to succeed!

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for letting me share my Whole30 journey with you, I could not be more happy I did it and excited for the next week of reintroduction! I can’t wait to hear what you decided to do!

Do you think you’d ever give Whole30 a try?

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