Whole30 Update: Week 1

Kyle and I have officially made it through the first week of our Whole30! Whoo-hoo!

So Far, So Good.

We are currently on Day 8 today and haven’t had any major side effects yet. Kyle’s had some sugar cravings and I’ve had some mini-breakouts on my face, but overall it’s not been bad at all.


Our first time trying spaghetti squash was great! Complete with homemade tomato sauce and so filling.

What has been more of a struggle is this lack of energy I’ve been having the past couple days (which is to be expected according to the Timeline Whole30 offers for mental preparation). I just want to sleep!

If you want to understand a little more how completely eliminating sugar can effect energy levels, check out this funny but accurate video from Buzz Feed.

Otherwise, we haven’t been tempted to quit at all so far.

I just keep thinking about donuts… I don’t even crave them (yet), I just keep thinking about how wonderful they are…

Anyways! So we’re really enjoying it! We’ve even worked out a plan for how we’re going to come off of the Whole30 so we don’t just binge eat every single food item we haven’t eaten in 30 days! We’re feeling’ good!

Why This Time is Different

Some of you know, I have tried this twice before.


Slow cooker carnitas on lettuce wraps with cumin roasted carrots. SO good and simple to make. Leftovers went on salads for lunch the next couple days.

The first time, I told Kyle about it and he got really excited about it, but then, I just wasn’t into it. I cheated the first day and ate rice for lunch, then by day 5, I convinced Kyle to take me to Dunkin Donuts where I promptly ordered a half dozen donuts……

Then, there was the last time I tried just a couple months ago. My whole family was doing it… except Kyle and my grandparents. So everyone I was living with was eating normal.

It was definitely still possible for me to stay on track, but so much harder. Especially with having just moved, started a new job and driving all around Indy in my off time. I just wasn’t as prepared as I needed to be. I lasted until somewhere in the end of week 2.

So this time is different! Kyle and I both are really excited about it and motivated to stick to it. We’re both on board and that’s super motivating and encouraging. 

Not to mention that we have seven other people doing it with us! We’re in a Facebook group together sharing what we made for dinner or how we’re feeling from one day to the next. It’s really fun and helps you stay motivated and prepared!

So all in all, Week 1 goes down as a success in my book!

How have you been with any of your New Year fresh starts? Anyone considering starting an eating plan like this?

P.S. I’m going to have a recipe posted Tuesday to our favorite soup recipe which we tweak to make Whole30 compliant! It’s so yummy! 

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