Church Update: Adjusting to the Expected Unexpected

So many of you have been curious for an update on the status with starting our church.

I haven’t posted an update in a couple months because we’ve kind of had some unexpected twists and turns, which was to be expected.

Catching You Up on the Expected Unexpected

11149410_10205568288064227_7297691605017837447_nBasically, we received some wise counsel from trusted advisors to more seriously consider out marriage in the equation. For instance, we are still very young in our marriage, and our marriage should be very solid and fairly mature before delving fully into this world. After all, it’s not just pastoring a church. We will be starting a church from scratch in a completely new location.

We totally get where this advice is coming from and see the truth in it. We know we have growth to do in our still-young marriage. We value the importance of establishing marriage as our priority before ministry/work. 

So after receiving this advice, we talked with other spiritual mentors who know us and our life situations more personally.

After discussing with these people, each other, and taking time to pray and fast, Kyle and I have basically decided to rearrange our life!

Adapting to All the Changes

When we decided to leave Fort Wayne, drop everything, and move to the Indy area with barely a plan, I anticipated a huge change of pace. I figured, since we wouldn’t be on a church staff and only working hourly jobs where the work never comes home with you, we would have SO MUCH time on our hands!

11951767_10206558204651523_3567478158989916183_nBut Kyle driving 45 minutes to and from work with 9 hour work days and my gallivanting all over the Indy area meeting strangers to become a Mary Kay director when I wasn’t working ever-changing hours at Starbucks made our time together slim to none. We slept odd hours, didn’t have the energy to fully engage at a new church home, and I was never home to make or eat meals.

We stopped to look at what things we were actually putting time into and what things we weren’t. We decided we needed to put more time into each other, our marriage, and our relationship with Jesus.

I know, you’d think because we’re pastors we’d have that part down pat now, huh?

Well, fortunately for our future church members, we will hopefully have it at least a little more figured out once we start because of this time!

So we’re readjusting our priorities, attempting to take better advantage of our time, and getting more familiar with and adjusted to this new budget.

Moving Forward

We know we’ll always have things to grow in within our marriage, but there are a couple of things we’ve been specifically made aware of now in this season. We feel it’s wise to work on what we know needs work when we know it needs it, rather than put it off to build up while we set our marriage on the back-burner. 

IMG_9437The heart God has given us to Restore Life Church is all about experiencing life as full as God wants us to live it! It’s about restoring life into brokenness and growing into vibrancy. It is so exciting!

But how can we event attempt to promote that vision into the lives of others when we are not living that life ourselves?

We recently came across this Proverb which we felt spoke directly to our situation:

Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house. (Proverbs 24:27)

We are still planning to officially launch the church in either the fall of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. Our approach to this time of preparation has simply been slightly altered.

Thank You SO Much for Your Support

8CBECB11-1D23-41F9-84A4-C65775E2EF22We are beyond thankful for all the support and encouragement and love and prayers coming from people both close to us in proximity and relationship and those further away. We are especially thankful to my grandparents for allowing us to live in their home during this transition as we get accustomed to our jobs, established in the area and save for our own home.

We know without all your support and prayer, this period of growth and stretching would not be nearly as bearable, and we definitely wouldn’t be handling it as well!

Thank you to all of you who have already helped us in this church-starting journey through donations, allowing us to meet with you to share vision, and keeping in touch to find out more ways to pray for us. Every single moment of support means so much to us!

We can’t wait to get through this necessary step so we can enter the next phase of this process!

As always, let us know what questions you have, what you find interesting, strange or exciting about this process, and any way you may be interested in getting involved!

Love you all!

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