My Whole30

Hi, everyone! Happy New Year! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but with the new year comes new resolve to write more frequently!

I have another post with general life updates (specifically church starting updates) sitting in my drafts right now, but because of time, I’m writing a different post first, and that one will go out later!

This post is on a schedule! Kyle and I, along with a small group of close friends and family, are on day 2 of something known as Whole30! I want to post about our progress weekly for accountability, encouragement to others with various goals, and just because I enjoy writing!

“Whole WHAT?”

Whole30 is technically a diet, if you define diet the same way my Google search does: “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” Diet does not exclusively mean, “the way people eat when they are trying to lose weight or count calories.”

So, no, I’m not trying to lose weight, therefore I do not need anyone telling me, “Oh, you don’t need to lose weight/diet!” I can still want to eat healthy even if I’m not overweight. There are unhealthy things that happen to people who are not overweight, so I am allowed to want to be healthy, eat right, exercise and still not want to lose weight!

Now that that’s out of the way 🙂

Kyle and I prefer calling it a healthy eating plan. We just want to be healthy.

I still haven’t said what it is though. Basically, we can’t eat sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, or most fats. We can eat proteins, vegetables, fruits, and some healthy fats.

The idea is to stick very strictly to this list for 30 days to death your system and jumpstart healthier habits and gain a better understanding of how you relate to food.

After the 30 days is up, it’s highly suggested that you start gradually reintroducing yourself to certain foods that had been restricted. Reintroducing them into your system helps you become more aware of how we are affected by these foods that can often be hard to digest or affect us negatively in various ways.

So that’s the basics on what we’re doing!

Our Progress So Far

We started January 1, so we are now on Day 2. According to the Whole30 Timeline, most people have and easy, breezy Day 1 before entering the “Hangover” period of Days 2 & 3. The Hangover is basically going through sugar withdrawals.

Well, I’m having an easy, breezy Day 2, but yesterday I was exhausted and had a headache all day (caffeine withdrawals for me! 😦 ). That was probably partially due to staying so late up to watch the clock move from 11:59-12:00 on New Year’s Eve.

Yesterday and half of today, we were basically flying by the seats of our pants. Even though I had planned out all of our meals for the month, I didn’t have time to grocery shop until today after work. Luckily, Kyle and I had been trying to ease ourselves towards Whole30 anyways, so I had enough ingredients to make one dinner and get us through breakfasts and lunches.

Breakfasts so far have mainly been eggs. Lunches for Kyle have been primarily potatoes, and I’ve just snacked on fruits, veggies and hard-boiled eggs since my lunches feel while I was at work both days. That will by far be the trickiest part of this whole thing since I usually eat my food at Starbucks from Starbucks and the serve nothing that is compliant with this eating plan!

What We’re Eating in Real Life

Last night we had one of our absolute favorites – my Aunt Lynn’s Black-Eyed Pea Soup. We took out the black-eyed peas, of course (legumes), but the soup can still hold its own without its namesake involved.

IMG_0043Tonight we made little hamburger sliders on sweet potato “buns” topped with lettuce, onion, and mustard. Even Mamaw & Papaw liked it so it had to be good! It turned out even better than I expected to be honest. It was also super fun to be working together in the kitchen with Kyle. Plus, we are full but not feeling sick! It’s wonderful!

So as of right now, I’m feeling great. Maybe my hangover stage was yesterday and I’m done, or maybe it’s coming tomorrow. Either way, I’m super excited to move forward and see how we do!

Also, I’ll be sharing some fun Whole30 compliant recipes as we go also! Thanks for cheering us along as we go!

Even though this wasn’t a New Year’s resolution for us, many do have goals to get healthier in various ways with the start of a fresh year.

What are your health goals for this coming year?

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