Needed: Opinions of Wives, Women, Husbands & Helping Professionals

If you know me even a little, you know that one of my biggest passions is helping build strong marriages.

From a cultural point of view, strong marriages make for a better world.

From a societal standpoint, healthy marriages build up individuals, thus strengthening societies.

From a spiritual outlook, thriving marriages can inspire others and glorify God in a unique way. 

image via Huffington Post

image via Huffington Post

Kyle and I have such huge ideas for ways to uniquely and intentionally incorporate this into our new church’s mission and philosophy – and we are so excited about implementing it all one day!

But I am just too passionate about building up marriages to wait.

I don’t want to wait until I’m finally a marriage counselor, or until we finally are “lead pastors” of our church. I want to help now!

I want to at least open the door now! I know I’m no expert.

I know I don’t have many years of proven experience; I know a Psych degree is too vague to count.

But I do have intentionality, hours upon hours of serious meditation, prayer, and discussion about it, and a burning desire to do good and help women and wives build each other up in this area!

Here’s where I need your opinions, suggestions, thoughts – anything!

I have this idea to create some kind of environment specifically for wives.

I want to have some kind of community that is completely safe: safe from negativity, safe from comparisons, safe from judgement, safe from lies – a community where women intend solely to build each other up, being open and vulnerable with each other, and seek out truth and wisdom on how to build up their marriages and grow as a wife.

But I’m not sure how to cultivate such an environment alone.

Does it start as a closed Facebook group? A blog or webpage? A live or cyber small group of sorts?

And then, how would we go about creating such a safe place and guiding women towards truth and inspiration without opening to door to judgement, comparison, negativity or untruths?

I would LOVE to hear feedback from anyone and everyone on what you think about this idea.

Is it valid? Could it potentially be helpful? What would it look like? Is it even feasible?

Wives – What do you feel would be most beneficial in helping you grow as a wife?

Women – What is the biggest struggle in being open and vulnerable in a community of only women?

Husbands – What would scare you or excite you most about a group like this? How could it be more beneficial to your marriage than harmful or threatening?

Helping Professionals – Pastors, Social Workers, Counselors, etc. – What things would be most helpful to be set in place in order to create such an environment?

Thanks in advance for the time put into thinking through this with me and thoughtful discussion! I’m looking forward to the ideas!

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