For Faith, For Love: A Valentine’s Day Poem

I share a prayer on this day

For faith—

For love,

And it belongs to those who long

To love—

Be loved.

Love not only feels and seems,

It grows—

It gives

A gift that can be only found

By want

To give.

For on this day, long, long ago,

A girl

And God

Met through one named Valentine,

A man—

A martyr.

Julia was blind, but faith—

It heals—

It sees,

Because one man was strong and sure

In faith—

In love.  

Thus, on this day the world does act

In faith

And love. 

But they are few, those who find love

Of truth—

Of strength.

But I, for one, desire such love.

I pray.

I find.

On this day of Valentine

I watch.

I wait.

For in this busy world of ours

Some care—

Some share—

Some make his actions be restored

Through faith—

Through love.

(Based on an account of Saint Valentine.)

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