Reproduction, Christian Music, and Driving

I demand to know why you don’t have kids yet! – “When you ask someone, ‘when are you going to have kids?’ you are really asking them, ‘when are you and your husband going to have sexual intercourse so that his sperm fertilizes your egg?’ And when you shout, ‘why haven’t you had kids yet?’ you are really shouting, ‘why hasn’t his sperm united with your egg yet?’”


Taken from the article

Why Switchfoot won’t seeing Christian songs – Loved this thought-provoking post on what we sometimes make Christian music out to be. What do you think about Christian music and what it is today? Do you agree or disagree with Switchfoot’s thoughts?

I’m just the driver – Ever feel like you have too many responsibilities on your plate and the weight of it all is bearing down on you? Maybe you’ve put God in the wrong place in your life. Check out this pastor’s revelation of who really answers to who.

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