Why I Love Adoption

Children 1If you’ve followed me for very long, you know one of my biggest passions is adoption. I’ve written on it, mentioned it in my “About” page, and I even started and am editor of an entire blog dedicated to raising awareness for it. Today, I want to take a little more time to share that passion with you.

When people find out about my heart for adoption, many ask me what got me into it. They usually assume I was adopted, someone in my immediate family was, or I’m planning on adopting because of infertility.

I am my parents’ biological child and, although I have several cousins who have been adopted, no one in my immediate family was. As far as my husband and I know, we will be blessed to be able to have biological children in addition to our adopted children.

So why am I so passionate and excited about adoption? My simple answer is this:

I don’t know what got me into it. All I can attempt to explain it as is a tug on my heart from God.

Now that I have this passion and I’ve researched more, written on it, and had people come to me with questions and stories, I’ve learned more, which has only made me more and more excited.

Adoption is a beautiful, powerful, and imperative picture God has painted in this world to show us all in a very real and tangible way that, although we were once or still are unwanted, undesirable, broken, sick, hurting – He still loved and desired us so much, He has gone to drastic measures to bring us into His family.

And He hasn’t stopped or given up. He still pursues, no matter what difficulties come in the way; whether it be red tape, paper work, legalities, illegalities, cost… no matter the cost, He comes after us, to give us hope.

And He’s not one of those parents we sometimes hear about who adopt a child then decide they’re too much to handle and turns them back over to where they came from, or abandons them to people they don’t know. No, no matter what baggage we bring with us or how much we fight Him, He keeps us. And He loves us.

That’s why I love adoption so much. That’s why I want to adopt. I want to help God show the world how much He loved me and how much He loves them. I want all  my children to grow up intensely aware of our beautiful differences as His unique creation, and of His love for us no matter what. And that love will restore and transform us.

I want them to know His love. I want to know that love more. And I want you to know that love.

So why do I want to adopt? Why am I so passionate about it?

Because, no matter how great of a physical home I grew up in, there was a time (as there is for us all) that I was in a spiritual world of death, brokenness, and destruction. And God tore down walls to get to me! To bring me into His family. To give me eternal life. To restore and transform me.

I love adoption because this is what Jesus is all about 🙂

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