The Man-Woman Authority Cycle

Tree Choices

“Imagine how different history would have been if Eve had said to the serpent, ‘Hold on one moment, I’d rather you discuss this with my husband’” (It’s Okay to Say I Can’t).

Because everyone wanted to point the finger at Eve (“She’s the one who ate the fruit!”), I’ve always wanted to blame Adam (mostly as Devil’s advocate: “Well, he was right there with her and didn’t stop her!”).

Obviously, I think we can all seriously agree that they are both at fault here. Woman didn’t submit to the authority of her husband and her husband didn’t exert his God-given authority. After all, God directly told Adam the command not to eat the fruit, and He still didn’t do anything. He let the woman lead the way on this one.

I believe this was a monumental foreshadowing of how men can tend to be rather passive today and women take change. You can say it’s man fault or it’s woman’s fault, and in some cases it is one or the other, but it’s a marriage, a two-way street. If a woman is trampling and bossing her husband around, he’s going to become overly “domesticated” and passive about taking his God-given authority. If the man tends to be a passive partner in the home and marriage, the woman is likely going to feel the need to step up and fill the leadership void.

Basically what I’m saying is this:

We need to stop pointing the finger and just fight our own sides of it!

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