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I’ve written recently on this blog about the call of the Church to participate in caring for orphans in some way. This is a call I’m particularly passionate about. While I don’t believe the call specifically to adopt is for every person, the call to take care of orphans is for every Christian (James 1:27).

If this is a call you don’t feel convicted to answer, pray that the Holy Spirit changes your heart to better reflect His in this matter.

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If you have begun to feel His nudge on this one and don’t know where to start, I’d like to offer you information on a blog I edit called Paraklētos. Paraklētos is the Greek word used in John 14:26 for the Holy Spirit and means “advocate.”  The blog is an attempt to help raise awareness for great need for Christians to step up and care for orphans, and help us better reflect the person of the Holy Spirit relating to His nature of advocacy while answering the direct call of Christians in James 1:27.

That made it sound super spiritual. Some posts specifically relate to the spiritual side of the matter because that’s where it all starts and it’s important to understand.

However, we’re always striving to provide practical advocacy tips, real life steps to take towards advocacy for the orphan and widow, and personal stories from people who have experienced adoption and orphan care first-hand.

You can read more about the blog by clicking on the “Paraklētos” tab in the pages bar above, or you can visit the site directly to explore more at parakletos.us. You can also listen to a message I gave at the beginning of the year on God’s heart for adoption.

Please feel free to contact us about anything! Questions, comments, ideas, requests.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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