Twitterpated (Part 3): Hypocritical Confusion

“I tweeted it too, so I’m not a hypocrite!”

I heard a sports analyst say this while my husband was watching EPSN this morning. To be honest, I have no clue what he was talking about, but he inspired this blog post!

This statement made me realize how much this thought process has been accepted in our culture. Don’t get me wrong – I have a Twitter and I think it’s great, but using something as menial as a tweet to validate or invalidate something as heavy as your character struck me as laughable!

twitter-birdWhat I realized is that so many of us post 140 characters-worth of a deeply philosophical, theological, profound, loaded, critical, cynical and/or inspirational update and think that in some way defines our character. I think this is partially true. But I think the people who are constantly tweeting these types of things are often people who are showing their own pride, self-righteousness, and critical or cynical attitudes.

I’m not saying every serious or inspiring tweet means that person has horrible character.  I post things now and then that I hope encourage and inspire people, and I hope I can truthfully say it’s from pure motives. What I’m trying to get at here is that there are actually people who think just because they make a good argument for or against something or someone on Twitter that they are a greatly profound, wonderful specimen.

Truth is, they often don’t have the guts to make that same argument to someone in person or would never say what they said on Twitter in the same harsh and critical way if in person.

So Twitter perhaps can be a real show of character – just not in the way we tend to think it is.

To end this, let’s get at the details of the specific statement in question. The definition of a hypocrite is someone who lives differently than how he says he believes life should be lived. Agreed? So tweeting something doesn’t effect the way you actually are living. It proves nothing about whether you’re a hypocrite or not.

Unless, of course, you say something like “I’m a self-righteous, prideful person.” There you go. They’ve proven they’re not a hypocrite.

What are your thoughts about the ways people use Twitter and other social media outlets?

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