Mother’s Day Gone Wrong

I’ve seen quite the array of well-known blogs posting about mother’s day. I go to the post, expecting I’ll get a refreshing view of the holiday where we recognize how much mothers sacrifice and how vitally important their role really is. However, I’ve been quite disappointed at what I’ve found.

Every blog I’ve read about Mother’s Day this year was decidedly negative. While they contained extremely valid and thought-provoking points, I couldn’t believe that I had only read one written in a positive, inspiring tone. Unfortunately, the tone of the other blogs I read reminded me of the Valentine’s Day haters every February. I was still shocked given the different nature of this holiday.

The blogs I’m talking about were written about women who are single or haven’t been able to become a mother for one reason or another. I sincerely mean this – my heart really does go out to them. Since my husband and I have yet to begin our journey towards parenthood, for all we know we could find ourselves in the same place.

But Mother’s Day isn’t created for non-mothers to swim in oceans of cynicism, depression or jealousy. Mother’s Day is for everyone who has a mother to remember her for once, care for her for a change, and give honor to whom it is most due. Mother’sDay isn’t for non-mothers using their voices to raise awareness for their lack of children; it’s to remember our own mothers and all they have sacrificed and still sacrifice and on our behalf.

I’m not writing this blog as an attack against women who have very legitimate pain due to infertility struggles, tragic miscarriages, or past abortions. People should be sensitive to these very real issues and perhaps even acknowledge them in a compassionate and delicate way.

Still, the fact that pain exists in this way should not minimize or negate the well-deserved celebration for those who have been blessed with motherhood. Let’s not turn a selfless, considerate day into something selfish – and that goes both ways.

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