Hey Girl

Since Pinterest and the love of memes has become a huge hit the past couple years, I’ve noticed something else that has been trending. If you haven’t already seen the “Hey Girl” memes, let me inform you.

These are memes that are pictures of attractive male celebrities, mostly movie stars, who are usually shirtless, exposing their abs, or wearing a wet, clinging shirt. On the picture is written some sort of cheesy pick-up line that are usually pretty funny. I personally enjoy pick-up line jokes. And I like these memes when they aren’t making an object out of sexuality.

The trend is this: girls posting and sharing these memes publicly on their girl friends’ Facebook walls and Pinterest boards including a personalized caption about how they are “dying right now,” they “want him now,” or they’ll “take a slice of that.” At first it didn’t strike me as odd or significant. But then an interesting comparison struck me…

Ladies, if you saw a guy you know post a picture of a sexy, female celebrity in a small, wet and white T, captioning it with how hott she is and he’d “take a piece of that,” etc., what would your opinion of him be?

We women have a big problem with men objectifying us and treating us like meat, yet we’ve begun to treat them the exact way we badger them for acting towards us. Not only do these posts open the possibility of another girl struggling with lust to struggle even more just by innocently browsing their news feed, it also would be really discouraging for any guy who may be interested in the girl. Let me explain.

Say you’re interested in a guy and you browse his Facebook one day. While browsing, you notice he’s posted a couple memes of attractive and scantily clad female celebrities (which are difficult to find if they even exist… if that says anything about the state of women). In almost any girl I know, instant feelings of comparison come up, often leading to feelings of inferiority. Why wouldn’t we think the same thing would happen to a guy who is interested in you and notices your memes you post?

That’s not even to mention how it just isn’t very classy at all to be oogling over men’s bodies just as much as we find it disgusting when guys do the same to women who we all scream from the rooftops are airbrushed and photoshopped.

Personally, I think women who want a decent guy need to either get some class and stop drooling over a movie star they’ll never meet, or cut the crap and quit complaining about every guy being a jerk because he does the same.

Ladies, I know we can all do better at giving men the respect they deserve – the respect that will boost their manly confidence. In turn, we will gain the respect and admiration we will then, and only then, also deserve.

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