Sign or Coincidence?

SignSo I had a thought one day last summer on the way home from work.

…Okay, I had a few thoughts.

I was driving briskly along the wet, country roads and thought I saw a rainbow straight up ahead through my Audrey Hepburn-esque shades. (There wasn’t really a rainbow, but that’s besides the point.) I didn’t even see the coming stop sign because I was looking ahead for the “rainbow”.

Then I had this thought: when we keep our eyes focused ahead on the beauty and joy to come instead of what’s around us, we can make it briskly through all the road blocks and hold-ups of life and barely even notice them!

Wow. Profound, right? If this was a year ago, I would have said it was all a sign so that God could teach me this. Buuuut! I had another thought…

If we keep our focus on the present, then we can utilize all the signs and directions along the way to learn, grow and benefit from them on our path towards the beauty and joy to come.

Welp, it couldn’t be a sign from God because the same instance proved both that you should focus ahead instead of the present and that you should focus on the present instead of what’s ahead.

Good thing I stopped putting such stock in signs almost a year ago.

You see, if we only fixed our eyes on things above and the joy set before us and on the prize, we wouldn’t be able to be in this world and understand the culture enough to tell them about their “unknown god” or stop worrying about tomorrow.

However, if we’re always only thinking about today, and things below, and the world around us to the point where we’re completely of it instead of in it, our whole perspective for why we are to live in today and be in this world is completely skewed and leaves us without purpose or vision.

Ahh, balance…

I believe the moments when we’re driving, start looking for an invisible rainbow that makes us almost miss stop signs, but prompts an epiphany are simply moments that happen.

But! if we’re praying that we would begin to understand God’s ways more than ours and that His Word of Truth would be applied to our hearts and lives, then we’re natually more receptive to critical thinking that makes sense of the real life examples God already weaved into creation.

He doesn’t need to keep giving us “signs” using things that are already there – we simply need to start noticing what’s already there.

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