Twitterpated (Part 1): Choose Joy

twitter-bird One morning, I was doing my devotions and texting my fiance at the same time. I was suddenly challenged when I realized that I would rather tweet the verse I had just read and skip sending it to a live person to share, even when I was already in a conversation with him. On a whim, I deleted the twitter app off my phone and decided not to directly use twitter without setting an end date to it.

It’s now been almost 3 weeks and I’ve barely thought about twitter. If you follow me, you’ve seen some tumblr posts that automatically get sent to twitter or other things that I’ve indirectly tweeted, but I haven’t been using it otherwise. I wanted to write this blog first.

That first week, I was reading a blog by The Hipster and the Hymn who mentioned the 31 Amazing Days Challenge. I thought it was cool, but it was almost over. For some reason this whole thing made me think about the ways people use twitter and how I want to use it. I want to talk about two of those ways.

The first thing I thought about is more of an obvious one. People often tweet as a means of venting their general negative energy or self-pity. Now I admit, I’ve definitely done it before, but we all have those people who practically spoil the whole newsfeed with their incessant negativity. ‘Nough said.

The one hesitancy I had towards the 31 Amazing Days Challenge was that, while it encourages people to choose joy, it also could potentially inhibit us from allowing ourselves and others to have a bad day. What if I’m doing this challenge but had a horrible day? Do I just cover it with the hashtag mask of #31AmazingDays?

All I’m saying is we as Christians sometimes have a hard time of letting ourselves have a bad day or feel something negative. But truly choosing joy looks completely different.

When we have a bad day, we don’t have to be negative about it. We also don’t have to mask it. We acknowledge we’ve had a bad day and maybe journal or share it with someone close – allow ourselves to feel it. Then we look up and say, “Jesus, today sucks. But thank You that because You are alive and You have saved me, You will be my joy.”

Joy is what keeps you going and keeps you positive without masking what’s really happening in your life. Joy lets you be real without being negative.

So my twitter hashtag movement (which will probably only be moved by me) will be to have one tweet a day through November with the #ChooseJoy relevantly included in a tweet about something in my life that day – positive, negative, or neutral.

Choose joy!

(Find Part 2 here.)

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